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Bertram and Smith go on the run, but Smith turns himself in not much later, after managing to escape a series of assassination attempts, realizing his life is in permanent danger.Jane announces to the media that Red John is Gale Bertram.Bob Kirkland is murdered by Reede Smith, who tells a police officer to say that he killed him because he tried to run away, and they seal the deal by saying "Tiger, Tiger" (which indicates that they are part of the secret organization). The CBI team is dispatched to investigate the murder of a member of Visualize.Jason Cooper and Ray Haffner arrive at the crime scene and Cooper tells Lisbon that Haffner is invited by the lieutenant governor to join the case—much to Lisbon's and Jane's dismay.

Bertram bludgeons the bartender to death, then flees.Lisbon (whom Jane abandons at beach side while en route to the rendezvous with the suspects at his family home) commandeers a car to arrive at Jane's house, and just as she is about to enter, an explosion occurs, throwing her back.After the explosion, DNA evidence suggests the burnt bodies were those of Haffner, Stiles and Mc Allister.Teresa Lisbon dirige, à Sacramento, la petite unité des crimes majeurs du California Bureau of Investigation (CBI).Elle travaille avec Patrick Jane, un consultant indépendant, pour lutter contre les assassins qui sévissent dans ce riche État américain.

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Très peu respectueux des procédures officielles, il met souvent son équipe en difficulté face à sa hiérarchie.

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